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Average Flat Aspect Ratio over the years

by Paragliding Info Adminon 17/04/2014
Magnus Auvinen has made this brilliant data chart showing Paraglider’s average flat aspect ratio over the years.  More of his cool charts and a discussion about aspect ratio over at Paragliding Forum. Share the info on...

Clever°Franke Weather Charts

by Paragliding Info Adminon 11/04/2014
Each year, CLEVER°FRANKE (C°F) publishes a weather chart. In these annual charts, they explore methods to visualise last year’s weather. 2013: We examined the global weather data of ±30,000 weather stations over the past 50 years. This is based on the analysis of 736,995,534 global measurements of the National Climatic Data Center measured in the […]

Pilot Currency Barometer

by Paragliding Info Adminon 20/03/2014
The Pilot Currency Barometer published by The British Gliding Association may be intended for Glider pilots but is just as relevant to us Paragliding pilots. The level of risk varies considerably dependent on many factors including the pilots experience and currency. Other factors include fitness to fly, familiarity with equipment, understanding the operating environment (including the weather) […]

Frictional & Form Drag | Infographic

by Paragliding Info Adminon 27/02/2014
Frictional and form drag explained by simple illustration. Share the info on...

Riding the Winds

by Paragliding Info Adminon 11/02/2014
A simple instructional infogram about how Paragliding works from Wind2Walk Paragliding School. Infogram | School Share the info on...