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BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide 2.0

by Paragliding Info Adminon 16/04/2014
New pilots: in this publication you’ll find articles dealing with the aspects of our sport that you will need to know about as you begin your flying career. The basic information that you need to enjoy our sport safely is here, along with features that will give you a taste of what’s possible as you progress. We also include […]

British Paragliding Competitions

by Paragliding Info Adminon 21/03/2014
The British Paragliding Competitions Panel is run under the auspices of the British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) and its purpose is to: Organise the British Paragliding Championships. Select the British Paragliding Team for international (FAI CAT1) competitions. Liaise with other governing/sporting bodies, e.g. CIVL, PWCA, etc. Liaise with the organisers of the British Paragliding Cup and […]

Big Fat Repack | TVHGC

by Paragliding Info Adminon 20/02/2014
The Big Fat Repack is run by the Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club for the benefit of its members and the flying community as a whole. The event is only open to BHPA members. Repacking Talk The repacking talk is given by BHPA qualified packers and covers the following: how to deploy your reserve, how to repack your […]


by Paragliding Info Adminon 22/01/2014
The British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association oversees pilot and instructor training standards, provides technical support, such as airworthiness standards, runs coaching courses for pilots, and supports a country-wide network of recreational clubs and registered schools, providing the infrastructure within which UK hang gliding, paragliding, paramotoring, powered hang gliding and parascending can thrive. Website | […]

Dunstable Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

by Paragliding Info Adminon 22/01/2014
Dunstable Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club is a small club with about 150 members. We can be seen flying the chiltern hills in Bedfordshire and Bucks. We have 3 free flying sites; Sharpenhoe Clappers, Chinnor and Dunstable Downs and also have access to flying fields for SPHG (powered Hang Gliders and Paramotors). We are a […]

Skywings Mag

by Paragliding Info Adminon 02/01/2014
Skywings Mag is the official magazine of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Skywings exists to inform, educate and entertain those involved in the sports of paragliding, hang gliding, paramotoring and powered hang gliding. Website Share the info on...