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Lauren Martins

by on 26/12/2013

I’m Lauren Martins, I’m on my early 20’s originally from Brazil, living in the UK with my English partner since age of 18, Besides my normal girl life and love for heels, dresses and parties.

I Studied Biology and Engineering at UNIPAM – University of Patos de Minas, Brazil. I’m also a Paraglider Pilot since my teenage years and recently starting hanggliding and skydiving/wingsuit flying, I also a former falconer.

When in the air, I feel like its my natural environment and I just can’t get enough of it, I have passion for flying, I like outdoors sports, being in contact with nature. I also like going out with my friends, visiting my family back in Brazil every year.

I have interest in Engineering, Design, Astronomy and Green technology. I also would like to work with TV documentaries in my area of knowledge or Modelling / Acting. I’m learning to Invest, I’m currently a share holder or TESLA MOTORS, SOLAR CITY and AGM Applied Graphene Materials.

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