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Brad Sander

by on 26/12/2013

I grew up in Denver Colorado. I’ve been flying since Feburary 2003 and traveling internationally to paraglide since November of 2003. I’ve flown 400 hours in the US and 9 other countries. 2 trips to Thailand, 4 trips to Nepal and India, 2 trips to Argentina and Chile and one trip each to Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

Paragliding has been an amazing way to see the world, interact with diverse cultures, make incredible friends and learn about myself. It wasn’t until I came to Pakistan in May of 2007 that I felt the overwhelming urge to combine my love of travel and flying in a commercial way so that I could share this adventure with others.

My goals are- 1) to provide a unforgetable but safe travel experience for everyone on the trip. 2) to change a few peoples misperceptions about the Pakistani people by showing how warm and hospitable they are. 3) promote paragliding in Chitral safely so the few local pilots will learn and benefit from visiting pilots and the sport can grow here.

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