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3D Paraglider Game/Simulator

by on 26/02/2014

3D Paraglider Game and Simulator by Kim Hoskin, Newbury, UK.

A 3D computer game and simulator for Paragliding pilots. Soar popular sites in realistic scenery. Practise your XC skills or Acro manoeuvres. Change camera angles and explore vast flying areas. The longer you stay up the more points you score. Quick and easy tutorial for non-pilots.

Do you dream of flying without restrictions, getting as close as possible to mother nature? If yes, then 3D Paraglider is for you. Experience realism like no other, hanging from just a few nylon strings, feeling the wind rush past you as you climp up high, experience almost real paragliding, look for thermals, stay in those to gain altitude, stay in the air and stay afloat for as long as possible, and discover all areas of the huge virtual maps of beautiful scenery, all over the world. Paragliders are lightweight, free-flying glider aircraft with no rigid structure. Paraglider flights can last many hours and cover many kilometres. All of this is also possible in 3D Paraglider, but with a pause option. The longer you stay up aloft, the more points you score.

Main goal is to have fun and practice your paragliding skills if you cannot do the real thing.


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