Liv Sansoz

by Paragliding Info Adminon 10/10/2014
Hello my name is Liv! I’m a woman who loves rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, paragliding and BASE jumping. I’ve twice been a climbing world champion and three times an overall world cup winner. I’m one of the first women to achieve the grade of 8c+ (5.14c) back in the years 2000. Being in the mountains and living […]

Ingólfur Axelsson

by Paragliding Info Adminon 20/03/2014
Ingólfur Axelsson is an Icelandic globe trotter, adventurer and paragliding pilot since 2013. Adventurer, hiking enthusiastic, a private plane and paragliding pilot. I come from a small town that is the capital of northern Iceland, surrounded by amazing mountains, Súlur being the most beautiful and most utilized in my trainings. Akureyri has heavy snow during […]

Thomas de Dorlodot

by Paragliding Info Adminon 16/01/2014
If Tom de Dorlodot had a day job, his office would be a paraglider harness. Tom is one of those rare breeds of professional paragliders and paramotor pilots, who spend their time travelling around the world seeking for new adventures. Tom learned how to fly as a teenager, skipping some essential rules while testing new skills; […]

Cloudbase Collective

by Paragliding Info Adminon 13/01/2014
The Cloudbase Collective is a diverse group of professionals who create unique and effective content based around incorporating raw adventure and the accompanying life style to brand awareness. We are film makers, professional photographers, magazine editors, writers, world-class athletes, worldwide production specialists, public relations consultants, outdoor industry insiders, graphic designers, and social media gurus. We […]

Matjaz Klemencic

by Paragliding Info Adminon 03/01/2014
At the age of 11 Matjaz nicked the key to the local club, took out a rogallo wing (first hang gliders) and made his first runs and jumps on a  2 m hill next to the football stadium in his home town Tolmin. Now a competition pilot Matjaz mostly flies Hang gliders but also Paragliders. […]

Parapente Magazine Brazil

by Paragliding Info Adminon 03/01/2014
Paragliding magazine in Portuguese. A Parapente Magazine é uma revista que esta sendo lançada com a missão de integrar, ajudar a profissionalizar o seguimento radical, divulgando suas marcas, eventos, conteúdos informativos e fazer com que o esporte cresça e seja conhecido. Trazendo conteúdos imperdíveis para o leitor aproveitar ao máximo seus voos, com técnicas, dicas, […]