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Special wind and weather forecasts for paragliding, windsurfing, kitesurfing and other wind related sports, for any location on planet Earth. Windguru offers forecasts based on different weather prediction models. We use models from NOAA/NCEP and also run our own high-resolution WRF model for selected areas. We are focused on providing forecasts for paragliders, windsurfers, kitesurfers, […]

Pat Dower Paragliding | Blog

by Paragliding Info Adminon 17/04/2014
Pat Dower Paragliding | Fly higher, further, better, faster – no glass ceilings I have been captivated by paragliding since 1990 and the passion burns stronger than ever! It has been a busy 22+ years, which has seen me get married and raise a family alongside, flying XC, competing at National and International level, coaching other pilots […]


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Flyskyhy iPhone Paragliding App by René Dekker Flyskyhy forms your flight instrument during flight and shows all information you need for that. You get the normal data like altitude, climb rate, ground speed, and glide angle. But it also calculates and shows the current wind direction and strength, very important for your safety. A moving and rotating […]


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intoCross is a new take on XC flying with a speed twist for pilots at all levels. It’s about flying far, flying fast and flying with friends: Classic XC routes intoCross includes XC routes of all distances, from alpine classics like the Tour du Petit Lac in Annecy (25km) to the Dormillouse Run (100km) and beyond, intoCross […]


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Livetracking services and equipment for outdoor sports. What is Live Tracking? Live Tracking: By using a GPS to determine your position and a mobile network to send this position in Real Time to a server, other people can see your excact position presented in a map in Real Time. How does it work? There are […]

XC Skies Soaring Forecasts

by Paragliding Info Adminon 24/03/2014
XC Skies creates visual layers of basic soaring parameters, wrapped up in an interactive application that can be used with any popular browser over the Internet. You can use XC Skies from anywhere in the world! By running our code and algorithms against the forecast model output from NCEP and other sources, we can parameterize […]