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Flight Bandit | Bluetooth Vario

by on 17/04/2014
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Flight Bandit | Bluetooth Vario App and Flight Pod

Fly it. Share it. Love it.
We took everything we love about flying and crammed it into the world’s smallest Bluetooth vario. Then we paired it up with the awesome phone in your pocket to create a world class flight instument so full of features you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it. The only thing we didn’t include was the huge price tag. Check out below to find out what you’ve been missing.

Make it yours
Want a vario that allows you to customise every bit of it? You got it. Units, acoustic thresholds, lift avererging, screen colors, even sounds! Everything is right there for you to tailor your vario just how you like it.

World’s smallest Bluetooth vario
We’ve crammed a vario, capable of calculating your height to an accuracy of 10cm (3.9″), into a case weighing only 27g (0.95oz). Perfect for attaching to a your helmet, putting in your pocket or hanging off your keyring.

Flight logging and analysis
If you want to record every aspect of your flight, then this is for you. The vario records your flight 4 times a second and stores it to your phone for exporting and sharing later. On a 64GB storage card we can record over 7 years of continous flight, in case if you ever manage it.

Ready when you are
Flying for the weekend? No worries, the vario lasts 12 hours on a single charge and if it should run out then it only takes 90 minutes to charge up again. The best bit is that the vario charges using the same micro USB connector as your phone. One less thing to forget.

Works with or without your phone
Travelling light or just getting in a quick flight. The vario works with or without your phone. Just turn it on and you have a standalone acoustic vario capable of over 50 hours of flying. Pretty sweet!


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