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Digifly Flight Instruments

by on 31/01/2014

Digifly has been operating in the fields of free flight and motorized flight since 1989. In a world where flight instrumentation previously bordered on improvisation, they brought “state of the art” technical products to the market.

Digifly flight instruments are known for their high precision, sensitivity, compact dimensions, reliability and value for money. Continuous technical development at Digifly ensures that pilots benefit from both software updates for existing products and receive the latest developments in new instrumentation and technological solutions.

Digifly are engaged in the developed of instrumentation for 3 main areas; free flight, motorized flight and for industry. Our experience of the technologies required for these diverse areas ensures that transfer of technology occurs to products developed for each sector.

Digifly also provide a comprehensive level of service to all our customers, making us not only the manufacturer, but also a valid partner for all pilots.


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