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by on 25/02/2014
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Environmentally friendly accessories recycled from decommissioned paragliders. Every item is carefully handmade by the designer in Ashland Oregon.

I make my reusable bags from the incredibly strong ripstop nylon fabric and cords of used paragliders- giant sails with a life span that renders them unusable when they can no longer pass safety inspections. Once the sails or wings are grounded they become landfill.
Creating eco-friendly totes from post consumer materials involves more work and time than making something from new materials. I must first procure the used chutes, disassemble a complexly constructed paraglider and wash all the materials before I can begin the process of designing, cutting out, piecing and sewing the bags. No two bags are identical. Each paraglider that I get is different in color and construction. I never know what I will get to work with. These paragliders have sailed in some ot the most beautiful places on earth. Each wing has its own story.

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There are alternatives to paper and plastic. Many manufacturers make totes and bags using new materials and less than ideal labor practices. I sew these beautiful bags myself in my Oregon studio. The only new material in my bags is the thread. The comfortable handles are made from sustainable bamboo- naturally renewable, rapid growing and pesticide free. The cords and buttons that close the Chutes are all recycled. The incredibly strong ripstop nylon bags have reinforced stitching for strength and durability.

Barbara Jacquat

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