Skylarking – Daydreaming About a Big Blue Sky


Beautiful soundscape meditation on flying, the sky and freedom on BBC Radio 3. With contributions by Jim Mallinson of Himalayan Sky Safaris and the film Temples in the Clouds, also lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical Indian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Cathy FitzGerald meets a prisoner and a paraglider in this airy daydream about the delights of looking up at a big blue sky. Includes cameos from levitating yogis, labradors with wings and freewheeling angels, plus a specially composed score by Joe Acheson and the Hidden Orchestra.

Please note Skylarking is a lawn-based, horizontal radio feature best experienced from the comfort of a picnic blanket with a long drink, a soft pillow and a view of the sky.

Does the lenghtening of your tongue give you the power of flight? Who wrote Sky Event for John Lennon? Relax to the sound of the vario-bird and find out here.

Nokia Xtreme Coding – Paragliding

In an effort to draw attention to the Nokia Apps Store and show just how quick and easy it is to publish apps for its Nokia X smartphones, Nokia has kicked off a contest called the Xtreme Coding Challenge. Basically it tasks developers to publish their apps in as extreme conditions as possible. The first video released by Nokia features a developer by the name of Jackson Feijo over in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who decided to paraglide over a mountain in Brazil while publishing his app!

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Plastic rods and glider packing – information and advice

At min. 3:03 this video demonstrates concertina packing, with and without a concertina bag.

Designer and test pilot Torsten Siegel explains the technology behind the plastic rods used in GIN wings and how to take care of your glider by concertina packing using the new GIN concertina bag.

Cape Town’s High Flyer | Alois Marume

Paragliding has provided an unlikely career escape route for one man in South Africa:

Alois Marume came to South Africa from Zimbabwe looking for work. He found a part time job as a porter for tandem pilots in Cape Town, and while watching them fly off Alois developed a deep passion for Paragliding. After one of the tandem pilots took him for a flight, there was no turning back, Alois was in love: ”This is real freedom!”

Always in a contagiously happy mood, Alois quickly earned the nick-name Smiley and it was his friendly nature that captured the attention of Pete Wallenda, of WallendAir, a long time instructor who saw great potential in young Alois and took him under his wing.

Alois is now a qualified solo pilot with lots of flights under his belt and an ambition to become an instructor and tandem pilot. He has come a long way already but it has not been an easy road. Alois hopes that his story will inspire others and says that when circumstances are difficult it should never discourage you from fulfilling your ambitions.

Happy flying Alois, you inspire us!

Alois was one of the most hard working porters on Lions Head. Though, normally carrying only one tandem kit (weighing in at about 25kg), he was once spotted with these three ;-)
Alois was one of the most hard working porters on Lions Head. Though normally carrying only one tandem kit (weighing in at 20-25kg) on his back, he was once spotted with another on his head and a solo kit dangling on his arm 😉
Alois Marume groundhandling
Alois and his ever present warm smile, showing Pete’s students how to pull up the glider. Wilderness, South Africa.

One Man and His Bird

”I think I’m incredibly lucky to share my life with these beautiful creatures.”

Falconer Jonathan Marshal’s story is one of several which features in the new Animal Planet series Preposterous Pets, which continues tonight, Thursday April 17th, at 8pm.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail published an extensive article about Jonathan Marshal and his birds along with some stunning photos.

Mr Marshall, who trains the birds on his pet horse Tulio, said: ”The paragliding and the hanggliding give you the ability to experience what it’s like to fly like the birds”. He also does skydiving and microlighting with his birds.

Daily Mail