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Triple Seven Gliders

by on 04/03/2014

Triple Seven, Innovative Gliders by Valič Brothers

New beginning
Founded in 2011, Triple Seven is currently the newest brand on the paragliding scene, started by Aljaž Valič, Urban Valič and partners from Slovenia. In this year company evolution we have been dedicated to development of ROOK, EN-B, LTF 1-2 class glider. R & D is also in progress on KING, EN-D competition glider. After finishing these projects we will focus on other paragliders that we have in plan. This is new beginning for us and we are putting all our effort to make this happen.

What we strive for
Not just looks, our company’s goal is to produce high quality products and technologically innovative gliders of all types and classes. We are striving to develop, state of the art paragliders, with optimum compromise between safety and performance, produced in Europe.

YES! Feelings
Since we started paragliding we were always seeking new, uncharted, something we have never done before. This is good about paragliding, it gives you so many possibilities and personal achievements. Be it your first soaring, hike and fly, low save back to cloud base, new XC route, personal best distance or winning a world cup competition. The list is just endless! We believe that every pilot knows this feeling, when you land and you are just amazed by, what you have seen or been trough. This was always our inspiration and drive. This is what we wish to Triple Seven pilots to experience.

All being said, our philosophy is very simple. We have been inspired by paragliding and now we would like to be inspired by You. We just want to make paragliders! Your success is our inspiration, our goal is Your success.

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