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Pat Dower Paragliding

by on 16/04/2014

Pat Dower Paragliding | Fly higher, further, better, faster – no glass ceilings

I believe strongly that every pilot can improve: become more skilled; achieve more; become safer and most importantly get more fun out of the sport. Helping other pilots to improve is for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of being involved in paragliding.

Whether you want to gather knowledge and understanding, discover new ideas or you just enjoy mixing it with like-minded pilots, my talks and workshops should help you along your way.

Working on the right thing at the right time will make all the difference to your flying. You may be preparing for major competitions, refining your XC skills, starting your journey as a cross country pilot or maybe working on the fundamentals of being a safe, skilled and happy pilot. My coaching and courses are purpose designed to help you bring the magic ingredients together.

The first stage in helping you develop as a pilot is to find those crucial elements, both physical and mental, which will allow you to move to the next level in your flying. It’s about identifying where the blocks to progress are. Once we know what the goals are, I can work and fly with you, to help you achieve those goals.

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