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Micro Aviation Club

by on 21/12/2013

Micro Aviation Club Team is a worldwide recognized sport aviation team, which consist of World and European champions forming a professional staff, which is able to provide all individual and corporate sport and business performance.

The Club and Team has been founded by Capt. Laszlo Toth in the year 2001. The guarantee of our success lies in the extensive flying experience of the management and the pilots of Micro Aviation Club, in their creativity, flexibility and in the experience acquired in Europe and in the Arab world, laying down the foundations of Light Aviation, most of all in the field of Paragliding, Paramotoring, Skydiving, Micro-light, Ultra-light and Gyrocopter flying.

Our aim is to acquaint people with the safest and simplest ways of Aviation sports in the Arab Region and to make it popular as well.

Our Pilots and instructors have International (F.A.I.) qualification and they train according to the international standards adapted to the Arab world.

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