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Ghana Paragliding Festival

by on 25/01/2014

19. – 22. April 2014

The Ghana Paragliding Festival is not only an unforgettable flying tour but also a fund raising event to aid local community development efforts. Both tandem and solo pilots are welcome! Contact us if you are interested in attending the event!

Since 2003, tandem pilots have gathered from around the world, during Easter weekend, to fly local Ghanaian spectators and foreign visitors. The festival began as an opportunity to encourage cultural exchange and to introduce people in Ghana to the simple pleasures of free flight. Over the years, the Ghana Paragliding Festival has evolved into an opportunity for participating pilots to also represent the good will of the flying community by raising donations to aid local community development efforts.

The festival attracts both Ghanaians and foreigners alike for more than 3 days of spectacular aerial fun, ceremony and music. The festival is always scheduled for Easter weekend, which is one of the most popular holidays in many regions throughout the country. Festival organizers annually coordinate with the Ghana Tourist Board and the Ghana Ministry of Tourism to arrange the logistics for tandem pilots to take passengers on paragliding flights.

The festival is open to solo pilots as well; and boasts consistent flying conditions, that begin around mid morning and remain soarable until late in the day. The thermals are consistently large and mild, and offer a fantastic opportunity for both newer pilots to gain valuable experience and airtime as well as for seasoned pilots who want to fly for hours “stress free”.

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