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300 Peaks Paragliding

by on 26/01/2014

2013 has been a year of discovery in Thailand. We came to Pak Nam Pran in January to check out if the cloud streets we’d been seeing in previous winters were all that they seemed. We were far from disappointed. For 4 solid months, we mapped out a good deal of the region, and in doing so discovered a variety of beautiful flying sites with unlimited potential and great XC opportunities.  But we’re convinced that there are more great flying sites out there, just waiting to be discovered.

300 Peaks Paragliding offer you some of the leading names in the sport to guide you on this tropical flying holiday. Brad Sander, Matt Senior and Graham Saunders – who have organised many flying tours across the Himalayan region – will not only arm you with the right information to help you to make the right flying decisions on your holiday, but will also be on hand on the ground, on the water, & in the air to ensure that your tows are safe, efficient and rewarding.

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