Vol Bivouac

Over the Alps – Vol Biv Expedition

by Paragliding Info Adminon 10/04/2014
Dave Turner of Sierra Paragliding is going on a solo paragliding expedition to the European Alps, where he will be making the longest vol-biv (paraglider flying & camping) trip ever attempted. He is starting on the west side of the Alps, and will fly all the way to the eastern side, unsupported and solo, just to turn […]

Video | Extreme Lives: Kingdom Of The Clouds [2000]

by Paragliding Info Adminon 22/03/2014
This classic film, Kingdom of the Clouds, is a pioneering Himilayan Vol Bivouac footage with Bob Drury and Rob Whittall from 2000. This is an approximately 4th-generation digital transcode made by Kym Fielke from an old VHS video tape copy of the program aired by the BBC in 2000. So you’re getting not just a […]

Sierra Paragliding

by Paragliding Info Adminon 04/03/2014
A wealth of information on Sierra flying sites, weather info, visiting pilot’s info, directions, XC, vol-biv and other adventures. Sierra Paragliding was founded in 2012 by it’s creator, Dave Turner. Dave was always being emailed and phoned about showing people around in the area, as well as improving upon visiting pilots’ skills. After almost ten […]

Tajikistan Paragliding Vol Bivouac

by Paragliding Info Adminon 18/02/2014
William Palmer’s solo vol bivouac, 400km paragliding adventure in Tajikistan. The reality of vol bivouac, this film is personal, adventurous and inspiring. YouTube | Facebook | Vol Biv with Will Share the info on...

30 Day Solo Alps Vol Biv | Dave Turner

by Paragliding Info Adminon 12/02/2014
Dave Turner’s slideshow presentation of his 30 day solo vol-biv crossing of the Alps. Share the info on...