Terrain Track Thermal Data Displayer

by Paragliding Info Adminon 19/06/2014
Terrain Track Thermal Data Displayer (T3D2) by Ulf Arndt takes 3D GPS tracks and displays the flights over 3D Digital Elevation Data along with pixel data mapped over the terrain. T3D2 analyzes the flight for thermals and checks if a pilot flew optimally, for example; showing best glide, best turn, best strategies to go after a drifting thermal […]

BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide 2.0

by Paragliding Info Adminon 16/04/2014
New pilots: in this publication you’ll find articles dealing with the aspects of our sport that you will need to know about as you begin your flying career. The basic information that you need to enjoy our sport safely is here, along with features that will give you a taste of what’s possible as you progress. We also include […]

Video: Serial Cup 2013 Lecture | Drifting Thermal by Marko Hrgetic

by Paragliding Info Adminon 04/03/2014
Serical Cup 2013 Lecture: Drifting Thermal with Marko Hrgetic Matjaz Klemencic‘s Vimeo recording of Marko Hrgetic’s informative lecture on thermal behaviour and how a pilot should behave in thermals. Share the info on...

Wings and Lift

by Paragliding Info Adminon 27/02/2014
How the shape of a wing, or airfoil, creates lift. A wing shape, or AIRFOIL, happens to be the best shape for producing lift. That is why nature uses airfoils in birds, flying insects, and bats, and why human engineers use them in various types of aircraft. As a wing passes through air the airflow divides at […]