Golden Oldies

Video | Extreme Lives: Kingdom Of The Clouds [2000]

by Paragliding Info Adminon 22/03/2014
This classic film, Kingdom of the Clouds, is a pioneering Himilayan Vol Bivouac footage with Bob Drury and Rob Whittall from 2000. This is an approximately 4th-generation digital transcode made by Kym Fielke from an old VHS video tape copy of the program aired by the BBC in 2000. So you’re getting not just a […]

10 Passenger Tandem Paragliding Flight

by Paragliding Info Adminon 08/03/2014
It’s probably safe to say those nutters back in the 70s-80s had some debatably brilliant ideas. Who first got the idea in their head that it would be cool to take 10 passengers in one tandem paragliding flight? Who then thought the way to do it right was with rope and a climbing ladder? And […]