Paragliding Across the Alps – in a Wheelchair

Vincent Delepeleire, a paraplegic who paraglides in his wheelchair, if successful, will be the first disabled person to complete a human-powered paragliding crossing of the European Alps.

On July 15, Vincent and his four team members will depart on the month-long expedition to paraglide the length of the European Alps, from Austria to Monaco. While this is not the first time the 620-mile-journey has been attempted, an athlete has never accomplished it by handcycling – instead of hiking or driving – in between landings and launches. The endeavor, dubbed Handi Cap Au Large, will see the team roughly following the course of the Red Bull X-Alps, a grueling adventure race where participants paraglide and hike across the Alps.

Delepeleire, 24, and his teammates all grew up in the same region of France and started paragliding together in 2009. After Delepeleire lost the use of his legs in a work accident in 2011, they co-founded In Cloud, a non-profit dedicated to adaptive sports adventures. This is In Cloud’s first major undertaking. Read more…

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Nokia Xtreme Coding – Paragliding

In an effort to draw attention to the Nokia Apps Store and show just how quick and easy it is to publish apps for its Nokia X smartphones, Nokia has kicked off a contest called the Xtreme Coding Challenge. Basically it tasks developers to publish their apps in as extreme conditions as possible. The first video released by Nokia features a developer by the name of Jackson Feijo over in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who decided to paraglide over a mountain in Brazil while publishing his app!

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Paintball Paragliding

Ben West of The Red Rucksack blog wrote this entertaining story about his Paintball Paragliding adventure in Palo Buque, Chile, for Australian SkySailor magazine.

Sunday arrives along with the guns. We smuggle all the paintball gear into a van along with our wings. I’m getting increasingly nervous about this exploit. A lot could go wrong… A lot could go right.

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Interview: The Boy Who Flies

Benjamin Jordan, Canadian photographer turned social do-gooder, went to Malawi to teach children to fly kites. He ended up making a young Malawian man’s dream come true. His film about Godfrey Masauli’s adventures in becoming a paragliding pilot, The Boy Who Flies, has won several awards. Here, Ben is interviewed by globetrotting adventurer Dana Carmel.

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