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New World Record? Speed Flying off the Great Wall of China

by on 25/03/2014

Jon Potter of Pittsburgh Paragliding claims to be the first to Paraglide off the Great Wall of China. 

In a video posted by Jon this morning, he takes off from the Great Wall of China and flies downhill for about 19 seconds before safely landing on the slopes.

Apparently he did receive permission for his flight though at the end of the clip he says, “The guards are laughing. We’re good!”

Jon, the owner of Pittsburgh Paragliding, is a professional Speedflyer as well as Paraglider, BASE jumper and Skydiver. He is a world record holding speedflyer – first to fly off two world wonders; Machu Picchu in Peru and Petra in Jordan. He is sponsored by Live Jaunt to travel and fly off the Seven Wonders of the World.

Source: Yahoo NewsPittsburgh Paragliding