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Video | Extreme Lives: Kingdom Of The Clouds [2000]

by on 22/03/2014

This classic film, Kingdom of the Clouds, is a pioneering Himilayan Vol Bivouac footage with Bob Drury and Rob Whittall from 2000.

This is an approximately 4th-generation digital transcode made by Kym Fielke from an old VHS video tape copy of the program aired by the BBC in 2000. So you’re getting not just a poor quality image, but superbly crafted poor quality! It’s still very enjoyable and one of paragliding’s historically defining vol bivouac films, along with John Silvester’s classic ‘From Nowhere To The Middle Of Nowhere’. You’re also seeing Rob and Bob flying Ozone’s very first wing, the much loved sporty Octane.

Official program description:
Insight into British paragliders Rob Whittall and Bob Drury’s flight over the Himalayas of west Nepal, one of the world’s most remote mountain ranges, where they endure a limited diet and surprise inhabitants with their unannounced stopovers.
From the BBC’s ‘Extreme Lives’ 6-part series.