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About Us

by on 05/01/2014

Paragliding Info, aka PG Info or PGI, wants to grow up to be a library of sorts; an information hub; a resource center; a reference point; a one-stop link to all the PG information imaginable. We are a bit of a naked chick still but growing bright new feathers each day so come visit now and then.
We crave your input so badly. Do our organising skills suck? Let us know and we will do our very best to grant all wishes.
Companies, Bloggers, Instructors, Website owners…
We want the Paragliding world to know about you. We love what you do, feel free to say how you feel about what we do.

How to use this page
You can casually browse through or you can sign in to comment and rate services. You can also e-mail us at admin@paraglidinginfo.com for any further help with info hunting.

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